Lira's Bernese Mountain Dogs


Performance Events

Bernese Mountain Dogs are working dogs. We feel a true working dog is more than form, but also function. It is important to us that our Bernese are true working dogs, willing to work with and for us. The question is:

 You have a beautiful dog, but does it have the ability to work?

Our dogs are trained in a variety of performance events depending on personality and physical attributes. This keeps their minds and bodies healthy.

Events we train for and participate in:

Rally Obedience: A relaxed form of AKC Obedience which helps prepare the dog for other performance events.

Obedience: The foundation of all performance events. Essential for good manors for companion dogs. Strengthens the dog mentally.

Agility: The Bernese is supposed to be capable of agility and speed. Although this event is too hard on the bodies of some of the larger males. It is an event where dogs work closely with handlers thru an obstacle  course for speed and accuracy.  Agility strengthens dogs mentally and physically.

Tracking: In AKC Tracking, dogs follow the scent of a person who laid a track, to ultimately find an article they dropped. This event can be mentally exhausting for the dog. It also helps exercise their body. A Bernese who does not wish to work for their owner, likely won't track on command.


Draft: An event Bernese were bred to do.... Pull a cart. This event shows obedience and willing to work. It is a physical activity requiring mental concentration.

Herding: We do not currently participate in herding do to lack of resources. We hope to train our girl Daisy someday, as she has some natural instinct in her. Bernese were bred to drive cattle and today many still have the natural instinct to "herd". This is a true "working" event.

Conformation:  We do not consider showing dogs a "performance" event, as it is primarily about form and less about ability. However, we do feel it is an important part of our goals. Conformation allows breeders to have their dogs accessed by others and in comparison with other dogs against the AKC breed standard. This allows breeders the opportunity to not be kennel blind.

Daisy at 15 months: Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex
Genesee County Kennel Club May 2009