Lira's Bernese Mountain Dogs


                             About Us                    

We are dog lovers in the heart of Michigan. Liz has raised and showed dogs her entire life. Her parents showed and bred Whippets and English Toy Spaniels. From a young age, Liz attended hundreds of dog shows learning about dogs in the process. She has handled dogs in the conformation and as a Junior Handler. Liz became involved in the sport of Agility in 2001, Obedience in 2000, AKC Tracking in 2009, and started learning about Draft in 2009. Liz has served on the board of the Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club from April 2009 to 2016 where she is still a member and is a member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

We obtained our first Bernese in 2002. Vana was a re-homed 1 year old. After being a part of her world, we knew the Bernese was the breed for us. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets, then working dogs. Our dogs live in our home and sleep in our bedroom at night. We do not have a kennel where dogs spend most of their days, in a run, away from the home.

We believe in working with our dogs to help provide them with mental and physical stimulation required for optimum health. This strong working relationship creates a life long bond between our dogs and us. Working with our dogs also gives us a broader view of their individual strengths and weakness in different settings. Knowing these details helps us when deciding to breed or not.

Lira Bernese Mountain Dogs are only bred when we desire to keep a puppy from the litter. Doing this, you can be assured, we are breeding for optimum soundness in body, mind, and health. All puppies are from parents who have passed OFA Health Clearances. We desire to have only the best for our family and yours. Our breeding program is not financially motivated. If you would like a puppy from a responsible breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs or have questions about the breed, please contact us. We are happy to get you in contact with other breeders as well.

Daisy and her sister Liza

Our mission is to produce companion dogs
sound in Mind, Body, and Health.